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Suppressors, CL3 NFA Transfers

Predator-Pantera, Acadian Armement


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Pantera is a remarkable device with unique capabilities. Even expert shooters get tighter and more consistent groups. Targets stay “in-glass” throughout the shot allowing the shooter to see the impact and get more rounds downrange faster. The superb recoil management means the hunter has a better follow-up shot, and it gives the precision shooter increased confidence with shot placement and a higher rate of fire.

Pantera’s patent-pending two-stage technology is documented* to substantially reduce yaw and drag compared to using conventional silencers or to unsuppressed shots. It practically eliminates first-round-pop and flash allowing the shooter to remain undetected.

Dimensions:        7.00” x 1.50"OD

Weight:                12.7 Ounces

Mount:                 5/8”-24 tpi Direct

Caliber Options: .243, 6.5mm/.264,7.62mm/30 caliber

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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 04 September, 2018.