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  We use only once fired military surplus brass, no picked up civilian range brass.  All our brass is wet cleaned with stainless steel media prior to processing, to thoroughly clean the casing inside and out, then hand sorted by head stamp and inspected. The brass is processed with Dillon 1050 progressive presses, to de-cap, swage the primer pocket, to remove military crimp, sized and trimmed to proper length with a full length sizing/trim die. All processing is done by hand, (no auto-drives here) so each piece is looked at during processing, and the case neck is de-burred if required. Then brass is put in vibratory cleaners for at least two hours to remove lube and clean primer pockets. For those of you who like shiny brass and primer pockets, we offer additional wet cleaning (for a small fee). This will be done in after dry cleaning, to make the brass look like new.  

   Although great care is given to ensure every casing is safe for reloading, do not assume that every casing shipped is in fact 100% safe for reloading and firing. Occasionally a bad casing may get by even the most discerning eye. Remember, as the reloader, you have the final authority of what is loaded and fired in your firearms and if there is any doubt, please do not use the casing. We will always add extra casings in your order to allow for any culls. 

If you are not satisfied with our brass for any reason, we will make it right. From replacing unused pieces to a complete refund, to include return shipping.